LUNCH @Principote – Panormos Beach, Mykonos.

Had a great day at work yesterday so we decided to explore one don’t-miss beachclub here at Mykonos – Principote. Sip, sunbathe, swim and slide into a mind-blowing dining sensation. Their menu is full of fresh, handpicked products from the island and the surroundings. I know it will be packed here in July and August, don’t miss the crab-salad and their sea bass xxx


One of my closest friends came down earlier this week to cuddle before I left. Some friends from NY came here as well so that combination was great, felt a little bit like a tourist in my own town. Love bombing, lobster-tacos and dancing on the tables pretty much sums my weekend xx


Not all festivals are bathed with sunshine, and while people show up ready to be washed in sunlight, many festivals are cursed with terrible weather and especially if it’s located here in Sweden hehe. All thought, this night turned out really amazing and I forgot that I was dripping’ away a few times 😉 and got the chance to hang out with my favorite couple xx

Don’t miss this week.

My top three in Stockholm right now. Raise a glass to summer in Sweden, it’s finally here.

Rooftop Bars – Tak & Urban Deli Sveavägen’s are my favorites right now and been there a few times this week sippin Aperol spritz.

Mix n’ go Salladsbar på Scheelegatan 17 – Here you will find Stockholm’s best lunch right now. Choose all your ingredients and mix the salad before your eyes. My favorite combo is sweet potatoes, goat cheese, roasted corn and loads of avocado. Don’t forget to try their health shot with ginger.

Inventive cocktails – My friend Henrik makes the world’s best cocktails. Every drink is an experience and he can create everything we a few ingredients. I can sit in his bar all day, everyday hehe. You’ll find him at Nosh & Chow or Strömma Krog and Kanalbar, perfect for a hot summer day.


NAMMOS @Psarou beach.

As I said before Mykonos really is that island that has it all and a bit more. Nammos is located down a windy and dusty road on the edge of popular Psarou Beach. It’s like Greece’s Saint Tropez but better. Here you will find sunbeds in finest oak, liters of ice-cold Dom Perignon and Russians of course. The restaurant is divided between a formal dining area, lounge with bar, and beach club. Cane-wrapped sunshades dot the adjacent beach, serviced by bronzed waitresses working the hundred-or-so sun loungers filled with hungry tanning vacationers x


I always have a little bit to fun when I’m on holiday hehe. Our friends in Gothenburg had a bachelor-party this Saturday and they started with bowling (?!) eeeeh that’s not a proper BACHELOR PARTY – the guy is getting married. So we ended up with the biggest table at Port du Soleil and of course after that strippers hehe and the rest is history.
One of the rules we had were no pictures so sorry for the really really bad quality xx


You’ll find @Nikolas Taverna on Paraga beach, been there since 1967. A family restaurant with much passion and desire for quality homemade food. Open daily, from early morning to late night. Every day they have new specialties on the meny and you can even catch your own lobster in the kitchen haha. I tried sea urchin (sjöborre) for the first time, saganaki-cheese ofc and we ate gambas in ouzo, garlic and chili yuuum xx

MYKONOS – like a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign.

Mikonos, Μύκονος or Mykonos. Known for three things – beautiful beaches, beautiful people and beautiful nightlife. Luckily, I love all three dearly, but getting to this mecca was a trip in and of itself. Can’t stop thinking about it, everyday I felt like I entered a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign. Above all, Mykonos is a state of mind the beauty of which is accessible tough learning to feel the immaterial, see the invisible, hear the inaudible. Trust me, I have been to many many many beautiful places around the world but this is something beyond perfection. Of course I have a few things I’ll change and bring to the island but soon baby soon…

I know, after all, that I have that islander blood. It’s something magical visit all the southern beaches by boat, bbq’n at one of the top villas, cocktails when visit Delos island, go fishing some salty octopus, drop dead beautiful sunsets  and of course make out with a greek model at Scorpios (first pic from their web-page) or  Principote@Panormos Beach. I’ll spend my summer there, you’ll see 😉