Another favorite spot of mine somewhere in the Cycladic of the Aegean Sea (on Mykonos of course) is UTOPIA – overlooking Elia beach and the view is magical. All rooms got their own private infinity pool offering panoramic sea views. We usually went here after a big sale this summer – and that happens a lot hehe 😉 x

can’t get enough…..

There just isn’t anything quite like coming home to all of the comforts and pleasures that your wildest dreams concoct. I can sit FOREVER and look at luxury real-estate – these pictures are from Pinterest. Constantly visualizing future goals and inspiration. My biggest obsession right now is all kinds of  infinity pools and big outdoor sitting spaces – in general luxury minimalism. Need at least one jungle villa before I turn 30 😉 x



Last year, when I read a short book on how successful people spend their weekends, I found that–no big surprise–many successful people worked on days starting with “S.”The biggest reason? People who achieve great success in their lines of work often like what they do for a living. Working on weekends is the flipside of having flexibility during the week. Love to be able to plan my days according to my mood and I often find weekends to be my most productive days x


New Year’s Eve or Nochevieja, as it’s known in Spanish, the best time to visit Spain according to me – as it is full of celebrations, fiestas, traditions, and superstitions. In Barcelona, most people try to get as close to the Magic Fountain as possible as there are also water and music displays and spectacular performances on a large stage. That’s why we decided to celebrate as far as possible from that area and drove to Sitges – a beautiful city outside Barcelona. Our friends had a big party and dinner and we had a blast. 

Just before 12 we tried one of the biggest Spanish New Year’s traditions – that’s is to eat one grape on every chime of the last 12 seconds of the year. By the time it strikes midnight you will have stuffed a total of 12 grapes into your mouth. If you manage to chew and swallow them in time, it is said to bring you good luck for the entire year x


Finally! Had to re-fuel my vitamin D level – also known as the sunshine vitamin, we synthesise this essential nutrient through our skin’s natural reaction to UV from the sunlight. Unfortunately, for people living in the northern hemisphere, the winter sun is simply not strong enough for us to make the level of vitamin D that we need to stay healthy. Luckily I’m not stuck in Sweden all year haha. Vitamin D is needed for healthy bones, but less well known are the effects is has on our immune system and its vital role in keeping our mood elevated. Thank you Barcelona for charging me up x 


Had a meeting at Grand Hotel yesterday. I’m organizing everything around a fair that we have here in Sweden beginning of next year. When my boss asked me where to have this event – I knew exactly where haha. I can spend hours here and Gran Hotel is is without a doubt the most beautiful hotel in Stockholm. Situated in the best waterfront location imaginable, the hotel overlooks the Royal Palace and Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town. Don’t miss their spa with hot saunas and cool dipping pools x