One of my favorite cities in Europe is definitely Madrid – so much to do and you usually don’t bump in to any swedes haha. They have restaurants around every corner and it’s sunny almost every day – how doesn’t like that? I lived there all year 2012 and still have really good friends dancing around this beautiful city. Will provide you with some essential information on the best things to see and do in the city.

Will start with where to stay – one of my favorite hotels is Only YOU Boutique Hotel located on Calle del Barquillo. The beautiful building is enhanced by Lázaro Rosa Violán’s interior design, giving the hotel a transgressive feel with colonial touches. Most importantly – they also have one of my top breakfast places door to door witch is Celicioso. The menu is insane but don’t miss their pancakes or selection of colorful juices.

The Eiffel Tower.

Some people think it’s difficult to have time for exercise when you’re traveling a lot. I always try to start my mornings with a loooong walk. In Paris we woke up super early everyday to have time to enjoy the sunny weather before work. How beautiful is The Eiffel Tower? Could definitely live in Paris xx

ibiza closing.

Heard so many mixed feeling about Ibiza but have to say that I loved it – techno, sunshine and long nights. One key ingredient why I loved this place this place was the group of people I was traveling with – my favorite girls. Don’t miss Sundays at Pacha with Solomun, DC10 or Passion Café. Hope to see you next summer Ibiza xx


Ralph’s – located on Boulevard Saint-Germain is always a good idea. Looked at an apartment in that area so we decided to stop for cookies and cocktails. They had a new cocktail for the season with some Whispering angel, Cointreau, Veuve Clicquot and sparkling-water – YUM! Tasted like a modern Aperol Spritz x



I love running on the beach – always trying to start my days with some exercise. Let the waves hit your feet and the sand be your seat. Found the most amazing restaurant on the beach – Eduardo’s Beach Shack. Here you can find everything from fruity bowls to black charcoal shots x 


Always wanted to see the all islands in the Caribbean – and last week a lot at preview. Allow me to impart some of my newfound wisdom from the beautiful island – Aruba. Aruba’s pristine, white-sand beaches and calm turquoise waters are unlike any others. Aruba is at the forefront of the energy revolution. Ten large windmills line the rugged eastern coast. Within 10 years, 100% of the island’s energy will come from renewable sources. Aruba, representing more than 90 different nationalities. Dutch and Papiamento are Aruba’s official languages​​, but most Arubans speak at least four languages​​, including English, Spanish and Portuguese. So much to learn and see about this magical island – stay tuned x


Last time I was here we rented one of the coolest apartments I ever stayed in. That one we founded on Airbnb and really recommend everyone just to go in and see all the apartments they have in Amsterdam – so many unique condos – I always do that just for fun to get some inspiration. This time we stayed at Hotel Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam. For us location is everything so this was perfect – close to all parts of the city and a beautiful traditional hotel. They had green shots and almond pancakes for breakfast – only that 😉 x



I love to do all tourist attractions when I’m visiting a city for the first time. Got some recommendations that we had to go on a canal tour. Most people would say nah that’s cheesy but we said YEEES of course let’s do that. On our first day we we had a gap between two meetings so we decided to jump on this boat with Friendship Amsterdam. Had a few drinks on the boat and think we saw at least 50 of the 165 canals. Did you guys know that the total length of these canals is 50km haha?! Thats why Amsterdam is called  also known as “Venice of the North” x


Love to walk around in Soho – London. Usually it’s not to much people and they have a lot of smaller shops and cafés. Kingly Court is difficult to find if you don’t know what you are looking for – its basically just a door but when you enter it’s lika a small magical square. My favorite place is called Whyte & Brown – their menu is fantastic – don’t miss! x