Have you tried blue spirulina yet? I had a big bowl this morning with lots of that. It’s like regular spirulina, only instead of an algae green, it gives everything a kiss of bright blue color.
 Brings me back to this bowl I had one morning in Paris. The place is called Season located at1 Rue Charles François Dupuis, 75003 Paris. Think: a calm and cozy Scandi interior and a menu that makes you want to sit down and take your time over nourishing your body x

The Eiffel Tower.

Some people think it’s difficult to have time for exercise when you’re traveling a lot. I always try to start my mornings with a loooong walk. In Paris we woke up super early everyday to have time to enjoy the sunny weather before work. How beautiful is The Eiffel Tower? Could definitely live in Paris xx


Ralph’s – located on Boulevard Saint-Germain is always a good idea. Looked at an apartment in that area so we decided to stop for cookies and cocktails. They had a new cocktail for the season with some Whispering angel, Cointreau, Veuve Clicquot and sparkling-water – YUM! Tasted like a modern Aperol Spritz x