Feel in love with Tulum a few years ago when I was there for 2 months haha – the trip was planned for 2 weeks but couldn’t help myself – that place is amazing. Scorpios is one of the most known attractions on the island of Mykonos – all my clients wanted to get reservations there and I understand them. You have the best food on the island (and trust me I know) they also have great music – and think I was there every Sunday for their Sneaky Sunday-parties. Nested between the bays of Kavos and Paraga – the beach is not the best but who cares when you wanna have fun 😉 x


Branco – located at Platιs Gialos beach, is a sparkling new Mykonos hotel, shifting the island’s hospitality experience to a new level according to me. The food is really good and since this place opened a few months ago it’s never super busy – something I really like when I have a few hours of work. Everything on their menu is organic and they make really good non alcoholic cocktails. x 



Todays is the day – 22 years ago I got the best present ever – my beautiful sister was born. Started her day with a big breakfast in bed and tonight we’re taking her to her favorite restaurant here in Stockholm. Love her to death and would to everything for this girl. No one was happier than me when she came to visit me this summer. Even though I was working everyday we had the most amazing week. Took her to Santorini, my top 3 best spa’s, had amazing food and drank champagne in a helicopter – and of course some memories we’ll never share with anyone.

So – what can’t you miss of the things we did? Dinner at Cavo Tagoo Santorini, the food was beyond perfection, a walk in Oía-town – one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and the view – WOW. Deep tissue massage at Myconian Villa Collection and of course the helicopter ride – will definitely buy my own one before I turn 30 ;). Happy birthday again to the best girl on earth x


This is the view from one of my favorite villas on the island – Kings and Queen. You can see everything from here even the airport. The area is called Fanari and it’s about 15-20 min from Mykonos Town – the only thing to keep in mind is that you usually don’t have any reception up here, but who cares when you are on holiday 😉 x


One place I always take my guests and friends is 180º Sunset Bar located just over Chora (Mykonos town) in this old castle. Most tourist doesn’t know about it and the owner is amazing. The sunset is always magical on this island – in many different colors – but you should remember that the actual sunset can only been seen from Chora and that side of the island. Order a Bellini and be there at 7 o’clock x


Summer-17 has been by far the best couple of months in my life. I don’t write here for you guys, I write for myself to remember all the good things in life and all details you usually forget when time constantly flies. In May this year I got a offer I couldn’t resist. Been surrounded by happy people, sun and tons of work all summer – feel like the happiest person alive. What keeps this smile alive is that this is just the beginning of something big – just sign my new contract for 3 years and more to come. I constantly dream, visualize and plan about work and what we will accomplish. I put my writing on the side this summer to give my 100% to work and to learn all the basics for my position on this company – but now – I’m back on track again and you will have so much to see and read here from now on. Will start with the ultimate Mykonos guide and next up is London, Amsterdam, Madrid and the Caribbean – I have full-time training and will visit and see our new villas around the world. Of course I will be back at Mykonos next summer and slowly take over the island. Let’s do this! x


Started my morning with coffee from my favorite bakery Veneti and of course one or two BOUGATSA’s.

Then it was time for four big check-in so we went from villa to villa – this is just two of them but gosh look at this view?

Ended this day with dinner and wine att Nice’N Easy in Little Venice. Perfect everyday-place with just organic food xxx

LUNCH @Principote – Panormos Beach, Mykonos.

Had a great day at work yesterday so we decided to explore one don’t-miss beachclub here at Mykonos – Principote. Sip, sunbathe, swim and slide into a mind-blowing dining sensation. Their menu is full of fresh, handpicked products from the island and the surroundings. I know it will be packed here in July and August, don’t miss the crab-salad and their sea bass xxx


So much to take in right now, but I LOVE THIS. Let’s take over the world! We are the best team over here and this is what I do best. Everyone is preparing for vacation and I’m getting into work-mode deluxe. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life xx