can’t get enough…..

There just isn’t anything quite like coming home to all of the comforts and pleasures that your wildest dreams concoct. I can sit FOREVER and look at luxury real-estate – these pictures are from Pinterest. Constantly visualizing future goals and inspiration. My biggest obsession right now is all kinds of  infinity pools and big outdoor sitting spaces – in general luxury minimalism. Need at least one jungle villa before I turn 30 😉 x


Summer-17 has been by far the best couple of months in my life. I don’t write here for you guys, I write for myself to remember all the good things in life and all details you usually forget when time constantly flies. In May this year I got a offer I couldn’t resist. Been surrounded by happy people, sun and tons of work all summer – feel like the happiest person alive. What keeps this smile alive is that this is just the beginning of something big – just sign my new contract for 3 years and more to come. I constantly dream, visualize and plan about work and what we will accomplish. I put my writing on the side this summer to give my 100% to work and to learn all the basics for my position on this company – but now – I’m back on track again and you will have so much to see and read here from now on. Will start with the ultimate Mykonos guide and next up is London, Amsterdam, Madrid and the Caribbean – I have full-time training and will visit and see our new villas around the world. Of course I will be back at Mykonos next summer and slowly take over the island. Let’s do this! x