Branco Mykonos, located at Platιs Gialos beach, is a sparkling new Mykonos hotel, shifting the island’s hospitality experience to a new level. Stunning luxurious rooms and suites with view, inspiring design, high quality hotel equipment and professional yet friendly service, create the best Mykonos hotel experience. This was my secret escape this summer – when I needed to get a away from everything and enjoy my own company. This place will bloom next summer x


There are many best beaches in Aruba HAHA. This island is created for beach lovers, sun worshippers, water sporters and every other fish in the sea. I have to say tho that Eagle Beach was my favorite one – the beach was super long and whiter than everything you ever seen. I still have so many beautiful pictures to show you from my latest travels BUT still waiting for my new Iphone – that was suppost to be delivered today but just got a call from them that it will be here tomorrow morning – YEY! Will also leave Stockholm on Wednesday for some new adventures xx


Most people doesn’t know about these white beaches along the coast in Poland. They call Gdansk the luxury polish riviera, hmm not shore about that but the beach was nice. Found so many beautiful doors tho, look at this one in green marble xx


bloggDSC_9637 bloggDSC_9573bloggDSC_9639 bloggDSC_9783 bloggDSC_9784 bloggDSC_9788Älskar stenstränder, så skönt att slippa sand överallt hehe. En förmiddag på stranden i Nice. Carina försökte bli lite brun men jag underhåll mig med att ligga och kika på volleyboll. Efter någon timme tröttnade vi och gick och köpte glass och körde en vinlunch. Det känns mer som min typ av solsemester som lider av någon form av diagnos och har svårt att ligga still 😉 x