MY TRIPS – 2017.

UK – Londonx4

Bali – Seminyak, Ubud, Gili Islands, Denpasar

Poland – Warsaw, Gdansk, Sopot

Greece – Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, Koufonisia

Holland – Amsterdamx2, Eindhoven

Aruba – Aruba

Curacao – Curacao

Spain – Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza

So thankful for everything I have seen and done this year and know that it’s all because of me – I made this happen. I know for a fact that travel the world makes you grow constantly. So happy I’m still alive and will keep challenge myself as long as it makes me stronger. Hope and feel that 2018 will be even better than 2017 – I will keep on working harder to see even better results at work, learn to relax and enjoy every moment, spend more time with my family and of course travel to South Africa, Tokyo and São Paulo (my top travel destinations right now). Will start 2018 with one of my best friends in one of my favorite cities. So ready for a new year x


One place I always take my guests and friends is 180º Sunset Bar located just over Chora (Mykonos town) in this old castle. Most tourist doesn’t know about it and the owner is amazing. The sunset is always magical on this island – in many different colors – but you should remember that the actual sunset can only been seen from Chora and that side of the island. Order a Bellini and be there at 7 o’clock x


Summer-17 has been by far the best couple of months in my life. I don’t write here for you guys, I write for myself to remember all the good things in life and all details you usually forget when time constantly flies. In May this year I got a offer I couldn’t resist. Been surrounded by happy people, sun and tons of work all summer – feel like the happiest person alive. What keeps this smile alive is that this is just the beginning of something big – just sign my new contract for 3 years and more to come. I constantly dream, visualize and plan about work and what we will accomplish. I put my writing on the side this summer to give my 100% to work and to learn all the basics for my position on this company – but now – I’m back on track again and you will have so much to see and read here from now on. Will start with the ultimate Mykonos guide and next up is London, Amsterdam, Madrid and the Caribbean – I have full-time training and will visit and see our new villas around the world. Of course I will be back at Mykonos next summer and slowly take over the island. Let’s do this! x



Ingen kan väll ha missat att biljetterna till Coachella släpptes tidigare i veckan. De säljer ju slut varje år inom 5 minuter. Förra året satt vi med sex datorer för att knipa åt oss två biljetter. Detta kommer bli mitt tredje år och tycker själv att line-upen är bättre än någonsin. Längtar efter Solomun, Galantis, Tale of Sound och massor med fler. Beyonce och Steve Angello kör också wiiie x