Madrid is literally a city where you find restaurants around every corner – and every time I go I always find new places to try. Spanish food is traditionally very simple, often based on peasant food and designed to warm the soul. Nowadays since traditional food still dominates Madrid, the freshness and quality of ingredients make all the difference between the best restaurants. Right now Pink Monkey, La Mucca, Bibo is places I wouldn’t miss for a short weekend.  I have to say that one of our best meals was at our apartment – a classic tapas lunch with everything from empanadas to tortilla de patata and red Spanish wine of course x 


I’ve always found rather hilarious how most tourists are desperate to drink sangría when they come to Spain. They probably think there’s nothing more typically Spanish, and I guess they’re right. After all, according to EU regulations, sangría can only be produced in Spain and Portugal. But what’s the difference between Sangria and Tinto de Verano?

Sangria is wine – red, white or rose – mixed with Brandy, Triple Sec, soda of some sort or Cava, and fresh fruit as garnish – apples, oranges, grapes, berries, peaches, etc and served over ice. Usually this is made overnight or earlier in the day to allow the flavors to combine nicely before serving. Tinto de verano is easier to make and has less alcohol. You just have to mix red wine and soda or a lemon fizzy drink – half and half.

Sangria or Tinto de Verano – I have been drinking both a little bit too much but if I do drink it – it’s definitely on Plaza Santa Ana in Madrid you will see me with a big glass in my hand x 


To find a great view spot is always key when you’re visiting a new city. Roof-top bars or a great sundeck is crucial to kick-start a weekend trip. I loved ME Madrid Reina Victoria and Hotel Urban when I was younger – here you can find really good cocktails and the location for both of them are great. A new favorite is Room Mate Óscar Hotel also worth trying.

This time we stayed at Gran Viá Apartments – it’ s strategically situated in the centre of Madrid, right on Gran Vía – a few steps away from the main cultural and financial points of the city. Here you can see the view – really wish we had more time to spend on that terrass x


One of my favorite cities in Europe is definitely Madrid – so much to do and you usually don’t bump in to any swedes haha. They have restaurants around every corner and it’s sunny almost every day – how doesn’t like that? I lived there all year 2012 and still have really good friends dancing around this beautiful city. Will provide you with some essential information on the best things to see and do in the city.

Will start with where to stay – one of my favorite hotels is Only YOU Boutique Hotel located on Calle del Barquillo. The beautiful building is enhanced by Lázaro Rosa Violán’s interior design, giving the hotel a transgressive feel with colonial touches. Most importantly – they also have one of my top breakfast places door to door witch is Celicioso. The menu is insane but don’t miss their pancakes or selection of colorful juices.