There are many best beaches in Aruba HAHA. This island is created for beach lovers, sun worshippers, water sporters and every other fish in the sea. I have to say tho that Eagle Beach was my favorite one – the beach was super long and whiter than everything you ever seen. I still have so many beautiful pictures to show you from my latest travels BUT still waiting for my new Iphone – that was suppost to be delivered today but just got a call from them that it will be here tomorrow morning – YEY! Will also leave Stockholm on Wednesday for some new adventures xx


I love running on the beach – always trying to start my days with some exercise. Let the waves hit your feet and the sand be your seat. Found the most amazing restaurant on the beach – Eduardo’s Beach Shack. Here you can find everything from fruity bowls to black charcoal shots x 

On the top of the world – SUSHISAMBA.

London I love you – feels like home always. Understood this past months that I’m not one of those people who love routines and a safe base haha, as soon as we checked in at our hotel I felt like home – even though I love my apartment in Stockholm 😉 Will be in the U.K for a few days before I’ll fly to Amsterdam for a fair and some education with my boss and a colleague. On my list this weekend was a lunch at SushiSamba – located on the 38th and 39th floors at 110 Bishopsgate – I always wanted to try it and yesterday we did . Not a big sushi fan but heard about their delicious colorful cocktails – What did we think? The food and drinks where ok but cant complain about the view – definitely one of my better Sundays this year x 


Today Amsterdam open-air posted a few unseen pictures from the festival. They really captured that feeling I had in my stomach all weekend -LOVE & HAPPINESS <3 but today was also the first day I was starting to feel normal again in both bosy and brain/back on track – been a few hectic weeks.

Most of you probably prepare your brains for a long vacation now, not me. SO READY THO, long hours and lots of work – come and take me xx


You’ll find @Nikolas Taverna on Paraga beach, been there since 1967. A family restaurant with much passion and desire for quality homemade food. Open daily, from early morning to late night. Every day they have new specialties on the meny and you can even catch your own lobster in the kitchen haha. I tried sea urchin (sjöborre) for the first time, saganaki-cheese ofc and we ate gambas in ouzo, garlic and chili yuuum xx


Started of our Wednesday-night with tapas and cava-sangria at our place -tried to start early with the Spanish theme. Since we bought tickets to ENRIQUE IGLESIAS yesterday. My expectations were so high haha but as soon as MR Enrique entered the stage we noticed that it was probably he that was super high. Surrealistic when he stood there on stage and couldn’t even sing xxx 

Schwarzkopf@ Vass PR

I fredags var vi på AW hos Vass PR för Schwarzkopf’s nya serie Omegaplex. Vi valde varsin hårfärg och de som ville fick håret stylat. Jag hade redan fixat håret och nyss färgat håret MEN det fanns riktigt snygga färger för er som vågar färga hemma. Stod också tydligt på inbjudan att de skulle bjudas på härliga tilltugg då vet man Nikilina nappar. Vi smet senare till Un Poco Bar för att vi hade det för trevligt för att avsluta kvällen redan där x



Det här bland annat sitter jag och skriver ihop tills imorgon. Alltså vilka hotell de finns runt om i världen?! Helt otroliga och hoppas verkligen att jag kommer få möjligheten att bo på de mesta av dom i framtiden hehe – dela baksida med Afrikas savann, bo i en igloo, hotellrummet under vatten eller högst upp på ett berg. Glöm inte att kika in imorgon  och läsa om det xx


Hungrig? Få 100 kr i rabatt på din första beställning med #UberEATS med min kod: eats-ufcndhnuue. Ladda ner appen HÄR. Igår testade jag och min älskling denna app och vi fick hem riktigt goda tempura sushi’s men sen beställde jag en pizza från Niklas om kom bort?! Haha så efter våra mäklar-dejter så sprang vi ner till Trillo och åt Tryffelpizza istället x