Tokyo must be one of those top places in everyone’s must-see list. There are not many places that would provide such forms of entertainment and craziness. Since I’m turing 25 this year and ALWAYS celebrating my birthday abroad I yesterday took the the opportunity to book a trip to this city that’s been on my list for a long time. So Tokyo see you in less than a month – GAH can’t wait and this is my Tokyo Bucket List (the things we can talk laud about hehe).

  • Meet Hello Kitty at Sanrio Puroland.
  • Use all the Buttons on a Japanese Toilet. Google this if you’re not sure what I’m talking about hehe.
  • Jumping from restaurant to restaurant – with more Michelin stars than any other city on earth. In 2011, Japan overtook France as the country with the most Michelin starred restaurants in the world. A window seat at Kozue in Park Hyatt Hotel in Nishi-Shinjuku – heard so much about this place. And also of course Quintessence.
  • Acai bowls at Island Vintage Coffee. Can’t go to a new city without trying a bowl – seems like this place is the only café in Tokyo serving acai haha. 
  • Try breakfast from 18 countries at Hanami. 
  • See the view from Tokyo Tower – admire a 360 degree Tokyo panorama from the top.
  • Stroll around in Shibuya – colorful street, that never sleeps.
  • Dine with robots and in a jail cell. Most people would avoid dining in a jail cell, but at Alcatraz ER everything is possible.This restaurant is designed as a jail and staff that are well dressed in nurse uniforms. And if we’re still hungry after this we’ll continue to The Robot Restaurant – there are dramatic fights between bikini clad girls riding robots and apparently visitors are given a glow-stick to cheer during all the action.
  • Cat Café in Ikebukuro – If we get sick of people we will definitely end one of our days at this place. The café is occupied by the cats?! Have a coffee and hug a cat – why not haha?

Feels like people living in Tokyo never really grow up so this trip will be perfect for us – a playground for adults – won’t even have to think about the big number 25 x


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