Todays is the day – 22 years ago I got the best present ever – my beautiful sister was born. Started her day with a big breakfast in bed and tonight we’re taking her to her favorite restaurant here in Stockholm. Love her to death and would to everything for this girl. No one was happier than me when she came to visit me this summer. Even though I was working everyday we had the most amazing week. Took her to Santorini, my top 3 best spa’s, had amazing food and drank champagne in a helicopter – and of course some memories we’ll never share with anyone.

So – what can’t you miss of the things we did? Dinner at Cavo Tagoo Santorini, the food was beyond perfection, a walk in Oía-town – one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and the view – WOW. Deep tissue massage at Myconian Villa Collection and of course the helicopter ride – will definitely buy my own one before I turn 30 ;). Happy birthday again to the best girl on earth x


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