Don’t miss this week.

My top three in Stockholm right now. Raise a glass to summer in Sweden, it’s finally here.

Rooftop Bars – Tak & Urban Deli Sveavägen’s are my favorites right now and been there a few times this week sippin Aperol spritz.

Mix n’ go Salladsbar på Scheelegatan 17 – Here you will find Stockholm’s best lunch right now. Choose all your ingredients and mix the salad before your eyes. My favorite combo is sweet potatoes, goat cheese, roasted corn and loads of avocado. Don’t forget to try their health shot with ginger.

Inventive cocktails – My friend Henrik makes the world’s best cocktails. Every drink is an experience and he can create everything we a few ingredients. I can sit in his bar all day, everyday hehe. You’ll find him at Nosh & Chow or Strömma Krog and Kanalbar, perfect for a hot summer day.



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