MYKONOS – like a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign.

Mikonos, Μύκονος or Mykonos. Known for three things – beautiful beaches, beautiful people and beautiful nightlife. Luckily, I love all three dearly, but getting to this mecca was a trip in and of itself. Can’t stop thinking about it, everyday I felt like I entered a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign. Above all, Mykonos is a state of mind the beauty of which is accessible tough learning to feel the immaterial, see the invisible, hear the inaudible. Trust me, I have been to many many many beautiful places around the world but this is something beyond perfection. Of course I have a few things I’ll change and bring to the island but soon baby soon…

I know, after all, that I have that islander blood. It’s something magical visit all the southern beaches by boat, bbq’n at one of the top villas, cocktails when visit Delos island, go fishing some salty octopus, drop dead beautiful sunsets  and of course make out with a greek model at Scorpios (first pic from their web-page) or  Principote@Panormos Beach. I’ll spend my summer there, you’ll see 😉


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