Another favorite spot of mine somewhere in the Cycladic of the Aegean Sea (on Mykonos of course) is UTOPIA – overlooking Elia beach and the view is magical. All rooms got their own private infinity pool offering panoramic sea views. We usually went here after a big sale this summer – and that happens a lot hehe 😉 x

can’t get enough…..

There just isn’t anything quite like coming home to all of the comforts and pleasures that your wildest dreams concoct. I can sit FOREVER and look at luxury real-estate – these pictures are from Pinterest. Constantly visualizing future goals and inspiration. My biggest obsession right now is all kinds of  infinity pools and big outdoor sitting spaces – in general luxury minimalism. Need at least one jungle villa before I turn 30 😉 x



Last year, when I read a short book on how successful people spend their weekends, I found that–no big surprise–many successful people worked on days starting with “S.”The biggest reason? People who achieve great success in their lines of work often like what they do for a living. Working on weekends is the flipside of having flexibility during the week. Love to be able to plan my days according to my mood and I often find weekends to be my most productive days x


Tokyo must be one of those top places in everyone’s must-see list. There are not many places that would provide such forms of entertainment and craziness. Since I’m turing 25 this year and ALWAYS celebrating my birthday abroad I yesterday took the the opportunity to book a trip to this city that’s been on my list for a long time. So Tokyo see you in less than a month – GAH can’t wait and this is my Tokyo Bucket List (the things we can talk laud about hehe).

  • Meet Hello Kitty at Sanrio Puroland.
  • Use all the Buttons on a Japanese Toilet. Google this if you’re not sure what I’m talking about hehe.
  • Jumping from restaurant to restaurant – with more Michelin stars than any other city on earth. In 2011, Japan overtook France as the country with the most Michelin starred restaurants in the world. A window seat at Kozue in Park Hyatt Hotel in Nishi-Shinjuku – heard so much about this place. And also of course Quintessence.
  • Acai bowls at Island Vintage Coffee. Can’t go to a new city without trying a bowl – seems like this place is the only café in Tokyo serving acai haha. 
  • Try breakfast from 18 countries at Hanami. 
  • See the view from Tokyo Tower – admire a 360 degree Tokyo panorama from the top.
  • Stroll around in Shibuya – colorful street, that never sleeps.
  • Dine with robots and in a jail cell. Most people would avoid dining in a jail cell, but at Alcatraz ER everything is possible.This restaurant is designed as a jail and staff that are well dressed in nurse uniforms. And if we’re still hungry after this we’ll continue to The Robot Restaurant – there are dramatic fights between bikini clad girls riding robots and apparently visitors are given a glow-stick to cheer during all the action.
  • Cat Café in Ikebukuro – If we get sick of people we will definitely end one of our days at this place. The café is occupied by the cats?! Have a coffee and hug a cat – why not haha?

Feels like people living in Tokyo never really grow up so this trip will be perfect for us – a playground for adults – won’t even have to think about the big number 25 x


It just hit me – the Bali fever and I’m not talking about the serious illness caused by a virus transmitted by the female A. aegypti mosquito. NO! I need to go back to Bali soon – we had the best weeks around Bali last year and can’t wait to go back. 

Why visit Bali? The question should be: why not visit Bali? It’s the perfect destination for everyone. Resorts are fantastic, the beaches are full of places to relax or water sports to try out and the locals are incredibly warm and friendly. I initially knew that I wanted to stay somewhere close to the ocean first but Ubud immediately stole my heart. If I had one word to describe Ubud it would be lush – surrounded by rice paddies and jungle, it felt so green. Ubud is quirky, Bohemian and equally full of tourists and people trying to sell you something haha.

Where to stay? If you don’t mind being out of town I can highly recommend the Alila Ubud with one of the most Instagram-worthy infinity pools I have ever seen. And can’t even start with the food on this magical island – a little slice of culinary heaven and more importantly has something for everyone: carnivores, vegans, raw foodies and everything in between.

If you want to learn more about Balinese beauty secrets head to the Kayumanis Ubud Private Villa and Spa – spend a bit to much of my time here. You will pick your own ingredients and learn how to make a traditional Lulur before getting massaged outdoors. See you soon Bali x