Had a meeting at Grand Hotel yesterday. I’m organizing everything around a fair that we have here in Sweden beginning of next year. When my boss asked me where to have this event – I knew exactly where haha. I can spend hours here and Gran Hotel is is without a doubt the most beautiful hotel in Stockholm. Situated in the best waterfront location imaginable, the hotel overlooks the Royal Palace and Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town. Don’t miss their spa with hot saunas and cool dipping pools x



The best way to discover a place – is of course by helicopter.  Our tour started with views over the magnificent Megalochori Village where you have views towards the beautiful red, white and black beach. Followed by Oia – Santorini’s most talked about village with the marble streets, the stunning blue dome churches and the traditional architecture.  Finished with Palea and Nea Kameni – well known Santorini Volcanoes. And couldn’t ask for better company – my sistah x


Have you tried blue spirulina yet? I had a big bowl this morning with lots of that. It’s like regular spirulina, only instead of an algae green, it gives everything a kiss of bright blue color.
 Brings me back to this bowl I had one morning in Paris. The place is called Season located at1 Rue Charles François Dupuis, 75003 Paris. Think: a calm and cozy Scandi interior and a menu that makes you want to sit down and take your time over nourishing your body x


Since my hair is a BIG part of my life I can’t trust anyone touching it. Been around a few salons both abroad and here in Stockholm but have to say that finally – 2o years later haha I found a place I really like – CreativeHeadz. No one was happier than me when they opened one more salon outside my building x